We gotta give it up for the Maine comics who are helping to distract us from all the gloom week after week. They are sowing the seeds of laughter on social media with highly entertaining stuff throughout these challenging times of very limited options for live performance.

Bob Marley keeps coming up with fresh musings on how things are going in his wacky world. Teagan Wright does his "Sternman" character and tells funny Maine tales.

Another one of our favorite things to follow is the Welcome To Maine series from Ian Stuart and James Theberge.

Ian plays Mark and James plays Troy. These dubbahs are droppin' knowledge and generatin' some chuckles. Troy brings Maine fun facts and Mark brings the "Oh, yuhts".

Since 2020 was the year of Maine's Bicentennial, it's an awful good idea to brush up on some history of the magnificent people, places and things that make Maine the best.

Since the series debuted in August, Troy and Mark have hilariously reported from Portland Head LightThe Desert of MaineThe Moxie Store in Lisbon FallsB & M Baked Beans in Portlandthe Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Stephen King's house, the Cryptozoology Museum and more.

In the latest installment of Welcome To Maine, the fellahs tell us about a majestic creature that is native to the Pine Tree State...the Maine Coon Cat.

There's no nut tap for Mark to close the video like we've seen traditionally. But trust us, things still don't end well for him.

Portland comics, Ian Stuart/"Mark" and James Theberge/"Troy" have performed together around the state in The Maine Comedy All Stars shows.

If you have any ideas of where else they should go for future episodes, hit 'em up on the 'Welcome To Maine' Facebook page.

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