Smarten Up, Super Heroes!
Comic-Con is known for the wacky, outrageous, and yes, sexy costumes that are worn. But a group of ladies are asking for the Comic-Con organizers to do a better job protecting them from sexual harassment at the hands of Chewbacca, Captain America and Green Lantern.
See Captain America's Cracked Shield
The Avengers were out in force last night during Marvel's eye-popping Comic-Con panel, and despite plenty of mirth and goodwill on the packed panel itself, the footage shown to the crowd hinted at a much darker story to come in Joss Whedon's 'Avengers 2.'
A Day at Comic-Con
Tucked away, up a daunting, unwelcoming flight of outdoor stairs, far, far from the madness of Hall H panels and the other madness of the San Diego Comic-Con floor is vestibule of once or still famous human beings signing autographs for the attendee’s pleasure. (At least, the attendees who ev…
Comic-Con 2014 Photo Gallery
If you're jonesing for some Comic-Con action, but can't make it down to San Diego for the festivities, we've got just the ticket: a massive photo gallery that includes looks at what's happening on the floor, out in the crowd, even on the streets of SD. Comic-Con isn't just p…