Comic-Con is known for the wacky, outrageous, and yes, sexy costumes that are worn. But a group of ladies are asking for the Comic-Con organizers to do a better job protecting them from sexual harassment at the hands of Chewbacca, Captain America and Green Lantern. Geeks for CONsent has started a petition asking the convention to do a better job of policing bad behavior. It seems that the event has taken on a more fetish like tone over the past couple years and the Treckies are getting mixed signals about these costumes. Straight-up Sci-Fi female fans want to enjoy the convention in peace. Take a look at some sexy super hero outfits who are ruining it for the "nice Princess Leias".  I'm not sure exactly who they are all supposed to be....

What do you think? Maybe there should be a compromise? Girls, cover your bits. Boys, eyes up here. Is the complaint valid or does it matter what a woman wears? Add your two cents on our Facebook Fan Page #sexywonderwoman, or tweet us.

Wonder Woman didn't wear a thong. However, Sigourney Weaver spent the entire climax of "Alien" in nothing but a tank top,(braless), and panties...discuss.