As the initial high anxiety was setting in during the beginning days of the pandemic, one of the ways many of us enjoyed some distraction was binge-watching Tiger King on Netflix.

It was helpful at our house to see something so absolutely batsh*t crazy and take a break from all the heaviness on cable news.

Two of the people who worked for Joe Exotic that were featured on the quarantine smash hit will be coming to Maine this October.

According to an announcement on the Bangor Comic & Toy Con Facebook page,

John Reinke and Kelci "Saff" Saffery are coming as special guests to the 3 day event at the Cross Insurance Center, October 2-4 2020.

That's cool to hear. Because, you know what? Those are probably the only two people from that show that I'd actually like to sit down and have a beer with. They both appear to me to be genuinely good folks.

Saff is the badass that was attacked by a tiger and tragically lost an arm on the job staying amazingly calm through it all and then returning to work soon after. Watch the shocking event below.


John is also the laid back badass with those wicked cool prosthetic legs that look like they are all tatted up.  He tells the story of how he became a double amputee below.

I'm not sure if beer will served at this event. I just said that earlier to illustrate that out of all the colorful characters on Tiger King, they seem like they'd be the coolest ones to meet.

You can click right here to buy tickets.

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