Tom Brady Commercial
Tom Brady has finally expressed his feelings about the Deflategate scandal and his suspension in a funny commercial for the Footlocker 'Week of Greatness' sneaker promotion. While TFB doesn't refer directly to the scandal and suspension, we all know exactly what he's talking about.
Angry Pats Fan Tells ESPN To Shove It
Most of Pats Nation shared the feelings of Ben Affleck yesterday when the Patriots were shut out by the Buffalo Bills. But there is a bright spot, Tom Brady is finally coming back and Deflategate is behind us! But just because the suspension means the whole saga is (hopefully) over, doesn't mean Pats fans have forgotten, or forgiven, as one Pats fan showed ESPN last week.
Fitzy Speaks Our Mind
With the Tom Brady Deflategate scandal back in the headlines this week, nobody articulates how Pats Nation is feeling better than our old pal Fitzy. You’ve heard his no-holds-barred Patriots analysis on the WBLM Morning Show, with that freakin’ awesome Bahstan accent and plenty of nice long belches...
Should Tom Brady Appeal? [POLL]
You've heard the horrible news about Brady losing his court case. You've had a night to sleep on it. Now, the big question. Do you appeal or take your lumps? In case you've been living under a rock: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has reinstated the four-game suspension of Tom Brady as part of the Deflategate scandal...
Anti-Wells Report Website
What do you do when you're backed into a corner, wrongly accused of something? You launch a website attacking the very report that made claims against you.
Carol as Tom at the Brady Press Conference [FUNNY VIDEO]
Last week we featured the hilarious video of Tom Brady singing, "Those Balls Are Perfect" on the WBLM Facebook Page which you can watch right here. While we wait for the news of what his punishment might be as a result of Deflategate, another great Brady Press Conference video has surfaced.
Pats' "Soft Balls" Video
OK, this whole crazy, stupid Deflategate has gotten out of hand...and confusing! To explain it all to you we figured we would put it to song.  A little ditty we call "Soft Balls." With apologies to AC/DC and thanks to Slater's Garage for this one!