We Pats fans have been defending their supernatural virtuosity for years and years now. From Spygate to Deflategate to Refgate the haters have tried to find some lame-ass excuse to explain why the Patriots are the champs. Now this is very refreshing.

Youtube user, SuperSonicTailsEas has put together an in-depth explanation of how Tom Brady and the Patriots have never cheated. The best part? He's a dedicated Arizona Cardinals fan. So, we get an unbiased perspective from outside Pats Nation. Or as we like to call them, FACTS.

He's written this description on his channel:

"Before doing anything, watch the video. You might come to find this to be a comprehensive examination of the scandals the Patriots have faced over the last 16 years. -EDIT- To the doubters - Yes, I still live in Arizona. I have always lived in Arizona. I will never leave Arizona. There's plenty of proof - 75 videos on my channel alone. I've never done a football video before - I'm more of a Suns/Coyotes fan, but I plan on making Cardinals videos in the future. Lastly, and this is important - This video is to defend the facts, not the Patriots. Thank you."

This video is already going viral after just a couple days with over 100,000 views. You'll love it like we do and make sure you show it to a hater today. GO PATS!!


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