How Often Has Maine Picked The Presidential Winner?
You've heard the saying "As Maine goes, so goes the nation." Is that true? Well, it USED to be. Maine's election of governor predicted the party outcome for 22 out of 29 elections starting back in 1820. That's where the "...as Maine goes" moniker came from. Recentl…
See How Your Town Voted in the Maine Democratic Primary
Voter turnout was heavy yesterday for Super Tuesday in Maine. It was the first primary in our state in over 20 years. Great job everybody! And as the results keep pouring in, the Press Herald has a cool interactive map to see how your town voted. It's wicked interesting!
Maine Craigslist, Your Very Own Election Table!
Do you want to play "Polling Place" at your house? Make your dream come true with this election table! It's actually pretty cute. It's only 40 bucks and right up the road in Brunswick.
Here's the listing:

condition: good
size / dimensions: 32 x 26 x 17...
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