Funny Maine Cartoon

Crittah Gittahz II is Here!
Bud, Atom and Crittah are back in a brand new cartoon from Maine's own, O'Chang Comics. This is the sequel to Crittah Gittahz that Temp Tales fans have been waiting for for over a year.
Maine Cartoon Halloween Special [NSFW VIDEO]
With our favorite holiday coming this weekend and a new Criitah Gittahz II episode from Maine's own O'Chang Comics being premiered all ovah the place, we thought it would be a good idea to bring back the Temp Tales Halloween Special.
Maine Cartoon Sequel Premieres This Friday [VIDEO]
We've loved these cartoons since Meat Recall, their first one that went viral in 2013! That was our first introduction to early versions of the lead characters we've come to know as, Green Bud Kelly and his apprentice Atom. Since then, we've followed them on their Maine adventures as …
This Is Pretty Much Every Dad From Maine [FUNNY VIDEO]
If you grew up in Maine, chances are this guy sounds just like your fah-thah or grand fah-thah. He's 'Donny the Grumpy Maine Dad' and he here's to make sure you stay away from them powah substations. Unless you wanna catch hell, you bettah mind ol' Donny.
Just in Time for Valentine's Day...
During 2015 Blizzard Juno we relaunched a wicked funny Maine cartoon from our friends at O'Chang Comics called Stahmageddon. According to the O'Chang Facebook page, the World Premiere of SMELT'N  is on Valentine's Day in Rangeley at 9 p.m.