O'Chang Comics based in Rockland are the creators of the wildly popular (around here, anyway) YouTube series, Temp Tales. They describe it as, "A Work Cartoon that's Not Safe for Work!"

Being that the creators at O'Chang often make hilarious animated Maine shorts with characters that are laborers, it makes good sense that they would be inclined to show their solidarity with workers who feel that they are being treated unfairly.

In this quickie released last week, you'll see a cartoon version of BIW President Dirk Lesko with his new non-union subcontractors.

It is revealed that Temp Tales stars Bud Kelly, Critter and Bud's apprentice Atom are the replacement workers. Led by Bud, they are eager to show off the work they did on one of the ships.

Things don't end well after a christening with a bottle of 'Twistah Tea'.

This was made for the Maine AFL-CIO to get the word out about a petition to show support for a fair contract.

According to a post on the Local S6 Facebook Page yesterday, contract negotiations have failed between BIW Shipyard in Bath and their employees resulting in a vote to go on strike as of 12:01 am 6/22/20.


The News Center Maine Facebook page reports today that union members have been picketing since early this morning.

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