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Are You A “November Widow”? Kristi Is!
I heard this phrase "November Widow" a few years back and wondered what it could mean. That was until it was explained, and at that moment, I never felt something more accurate in my life. What is a November Widow? If you have a spouse who eats, sleeps, breathes, and downright lives to hunt, you are a November Widow...
Here’s Everything To Need To Know About Getting Outdoors in Maine This Weekend
Memorial Day weekend is here and the weather looks good for getting outdoors. Perfect actually, not too hot and not too cool! It's so important during this pandemic to be able to get away, breathe some Maine air and hike, fish and frolic! That being said, our friends at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have some reminders for you as we get into the unofficial start of summer:
Website Shares Where the Maine Adventure Trails Are is a great resource for those looking to hike, bike or boat the trails in the State of Maine. It's free and also features interactive mapping for you to share your photos and experiences with other people visiting the site.