market basket

Offer in Limbo
Arthur T. Demoulas, the former CEO of Market Basket, was making his final bid to buy the supermarket chain as thousands of workers continue to push the board of directors to reinstate him in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and the company continues to lose millions of dollars, according to the Boston Globe...
Market Basket Board Members Seek End to Dispute [Photos]
Three Market Basket board of directors attempted to end the dispute that has resulted in the supermarket chain losing millions of dollars as thousands of workers protest the removal of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas, according to WMTW. The Portland television news station reported Sunday the directors said Saturday that 25,000 workers and two million customers "shouldn't be held hostage for a
Margaritas Supports MB Workers
As Market Basket workers continue to rally to have former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas reinstated, Margaritas Mexican Restaurants wants to give them some support. The restaurant chain posted the following on its Facebook page Thursday: As a locally owned company who is devoted to the strength and well-being of our communities, we want to offer our support to all the Market Basket employees who are affec
Market Basket Protesters Could Lose Jobs [PHOTOS]
Market Basket employees outside of the Biddeford supermarket and elsewhere in New Hampshire and Massachusetts continue to protest the removal of former CEO Arthur T. DeMoulas as company officials threaten to hire new workers, according to WMTW.