Pet Safety

Two Coyotes Abduct Pug In Southern Maine
Our deepest sympathy to the owner of the missing Scarborough pug. Here are some around-the-yard tips that can help keep coyotes from being attracted to your property. Also, what to do if you come in contact with them to keep your pets and family safe.
A Simple Must-Have For Maine Tick Season!
Who knew the life changing effect one of those sticky lint rollers could have on your family during tick season? Our friends at Farmer's Almanac did! Keep one around and roll it across your skin, clothes, and your pet's fur to pick up ticks...
Halloween Pet Safety!
Halloween is all about being scared, but your pet is the exception. Costumes and loud noises can lead to psychological and sometimes physical suffering.
Keep in mind:

There are people out there who hurt animals. It's awful, but it's true
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