Pet owners in Southern Maine need to be aware that even though we don't spot them very often in our neighborhoods, coyotes are out there.

According a Facebook post from The Scarborough Police Department, a pair went after a pug the other night. The dog still has not been found.

This is a very sad story and we should all be alerted to try our best to prevent more Maine pets from from being taken away. Our deepest sympathy to the owner of the missing Scarborough pug.

With news that are close to our homes (after all we are close to theirs too), it is important to make every Maine pet owner aware of their presence.

Here are some around-the-yard tips that can help keep coyotes from being attracted to your property. Also, what to do if you come in contact with them to keep your pets and family safe.

Thank you Scarborough PD for putting this important message together.

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