Are you a pet owner? A question you might not ask yourself is..."If my cat or dog needed first aid or CPR, would I be able to give them emergency medical attention?"

If the answer is no. Here's an opportunity to learn those valuable skills and help keep the furry members of our families safe.

The Portland Police Department is teaming up with The Maine POM Project for a Pet First Aid and CPR Certification Course on Sunday April 26 from 10am-3pm at 134 Congress St.

According to their Facebook post, local first responders took part in the program awhile back and now they are making it available to the community.

POM stands for Pet Oxygen Mask. Proceeds from this class will be used to provide the masks for local first responders.

What a great way to learn the important steps to assist a hurting pet and raise money for an important cause all at once.

Here's a news piece from a few years back done by Fox23's Amie E. Marzen. She introduces us to Bobby Silcott from Maine POM Project. Bobby explains the importance of fire stations having pet oxygen masks available when they go out on a call.

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