Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash

Remember These LaVerdiere's Halloween Commercials?
Growing up in Augusta, the Halloween headquarters was always LaVerdiere's on Water Street. It's so cool to flashback to those October days of popping in to see all the scary new masks, decorations and shelves loaded with candy. If you ever need a LaVerdiere's fix...
Halloween Head to Head-Twix VS Kit Kat! [POLL]
This match up used to be no contest at my house. Kit Kat ruled the day, but only because my kids had not tasted the gooey/crunchy mashup of a Twix bar! I will watch their faces twist with indecision when they see this poll. I love the satisfying snap of separating Kit Kats, and I equally love t…
Confession of a Ouija Board Cheater! [VIDEO]
It may be time to dabble in the occult at another lame Halloween party. Along with the possibility of a seance to contact Elvis, Kurt Cobain or Judy Garland, someone may drag out the spookiest of Halloween games,(oohOOoooohOOOOooh-spooky music...)
Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash Costume Ideas! [VIDEO]
With less than a week to go, you need to figure out your costume for our off the hook bash this Saturday night at the Portland Expo! Here are some great ones!
We are looking forward to seeing all you Ghost Busters and Elevens!
Come enjoy a night of adult fun at …
Looking For a Scary Clown? I Found Some in So. Po.! [PICS]
Whether you want to be a scary clown for Halloween, or you just want an automated one to hang out by the punch bowl at your party, I've found what you need! This clown mask looks extra creepy when it's on your face!
I went clown hunting at the Spirit Halloween Store in South Portland and this is what…
Craigslist Maine Has Your Halloween Costume!
I found this posting for 3 pretty amazing Morphsuits from a seller in Brunswick. If you are claustrophobic at all these might not be the costumes for you!
The lights on this raver suit actually work, they are battery operated. Kool.
This is a very dapper look...

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