The sign in front of this abandoned Maine motel and golf course says it’s for sale. One of the selling points, it’s still furnished.

According to Golf Course Rankingthe Woodland Terrace Golf Course in Holden, Maine closed in 2007 after 54 years. It was also the location of the Woodland Terrace Motel which is frozen in time in this kinda creepy video shot by You Tube user Silvester Humaj. The first thing we see is the empty motel pool overtaken by weeds. It would be a great derelict setting for a scene in a Stephen King movie. I'm waiting for zombie clowns to bust out through the pool from underground. Silvester then decides to get closer and after peering through a room window revealing a wicked old TV, walks over to the main entrance. Hmm, the door is unlocked. Curiousity gets the best of him and he enters. Watch to tour the old motel and see everything left exactly as it was, nearly a decade ago.


Maine Police remind you that many buildings are restricted and anyone found entering restricted premises without permission will be prosecuted. Do not enter these properties.

ALSO IMPORTANT: WBLM reminds you that an old building in Portland will have the biggest Halloween party in town and anyone entering the premises will be rocked. Get your tickets here and please enter this property at your own risk.