Admit it, you love the idea of snooping in places that you are not allowed to go.  It's all good.  We won't judge because we like to do it, too.

People's love for snooping is why all of those urban explorer videos on YouTube get so many views, after all.  People around the world are all about the idea of watching others explore abandoned hospitals, hotels, amusement parks, and more.

This is the part where we need to say: *We do not condone visiting/exploring private property.

Trespassing is illegal and it can be dangerous.

The Old Middleboro High School in Massachusetts

Sometimes, visiting an old building is impossible, even if you do have permission.  This is the case with the old high school in Middleboro, Massachusetts.  Why?  Because the building no longer exists.

In April of 2021, a new high school opened in Middleboro.  By mid-June of 2021, the old high school was in the process of being demolished.

But, before the building was completely gone, a team of urban explorers, that included Youtuber Sinematic Seth, entered the old school to do some exploring.

The fact that the last time the school was used was at the height of the pandemic, it does make it look a little like something out of a horror movie.

During their exploration they found many things had been left behind in the move to the new school.  In their investigation, they found old paperwork, snack foods, musical instruments, athletic clothing, and even old biology specimens in jars.


Here are some pics of what they found during their exploration:

A Look Inside The Old Middleboro High School

You can see more of the school in this video

And, this video gives a more in-depth look at all of the things they found while they were exploring:

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