Did you miss the rich, bulging pageantry of WBLM's Workplace Trivia this morning? Today's topic was near and dear to our hearts; the WBLM Broadcast Tower in Raymond. See, we shoot our signal from One City Center in Portland to this giant tower in Raymond which blasts the Blimp's 100,000 watts of Classic Rock all over Maine and New Hampshire. Are you ready to take the Workplace Trivia Challenge?

Here's what she looks like


OK-time to play along with The Captain, Celeste, and our contestant Max from Casco.




  • The tower was built in 1959
  • It is guyed on all three sides at anchor points 1200 feet from its base
  • Because of the extreme length of the guy wires, the tower requires 100 acres of land
  • It can withstand winds up to 152 mph
  • It has an elevator that can carry 3 people
  • The tower weighs 520,000 pounds
  • There are over 13,000 bolts used in construction and the Captain and Celeste go out there every weekend to tighten them up (not true).

And just to give you some photographic proof of the Blimp tower base jumpers...



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