We had an amazing BLM Morning Show today, featuring your phone calls on where you used to shop back in the 1980's. This all stemmed from a fantastic blog post from Celeste on her fave throwback shopping spots from the Maine Mall. One of the calls we got was about shopping at Deorseys. Do you remember this awesome spot that sold music, concert tickets and BLM T-shirts? The Captain told a story about Deorseys today that has never been told publicly before. And it had to do with the day that we did a live remote with our brand new inflatable Blimp. For years we begged and pleaded with management to get a real Blimp that we could fill with helium and fly high above Blimpville at remotes and concerts. As the Blimp Morning Show told us today, one of its very first voyages, was also its last! It's a pretty hilarious story.


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