I saw an article on MSN.com that caught my eye. According to Niche's 2017 Best Places to Raise a Family, the best place to raise a family in Maine is...

Falmouth. Nice choice!

Moving your family is stressful because there are so many factors to consider if you have kids. The data compiled evaluated the usual suspects: schools, safety, cost of living and much more. What I liked about this survey is that it was searching for a balance between cost of living and community resources. Affordable family cities with a feeling of community and a decent quality of life was the focus.

Personally, I loved growing up in Saco. We rode horses in the country, walked to Garside's for ice cream, walked to Bayview Beach and went to school at Thornton Academy. I think that most people feel that way about their hometown here in Maine. And that's a good thing.

Which town or city in Maine do you think is the best place to raise a family? Comment on our Fan Page.


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