Along with "Rockline" and "Psychedelic Breakfast", Dr. D just maybe tops the list of your Rock & Roll Blimp's old school weekly specialty programs that we'd love to bring back to the airwaves...

...and since we've previously covered the Doctor's Greatest Hits of the '60s and '70s, today it's the MTV Generations turn:

"Another One Rides The Bus" by "Weird Al" Yankovic (1980) - We like this one more than "Eat It" because this performance was actually recorded live on the Dr.'s show! (The version below is from The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder:)

"Fast Food" by Stevens & Grdnic (1982) - The husband and wife team of Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnick (pronounced "grid-nik", by the way) made amusing videocassettes (remember those?) and books like "How To Make Love To Yourself". While this track is pretty amusing, what we really wanna give 'em a standing O for are the scripts they wrote for "WKRP In Cincinnati"! Didn't learn that till just recently actually...

"The Curly Shuffle" by The Jump 'N The Saddle Band (1983) - Impossible not to love anything that featured classic Curly-isms. This was also a sure-fire call to the dance floor at early '80's weddings, across the board, man. God Bless The Stooges.

"Take Off" by Bob & Doug McKenzie (1981) - Coo coo coo coo! Beer swilling slobs bumble their way through their own TV show while getting Geddy Lee from Rush to make a rare cameo appearance. Almost as good as their classic "Twelve Days Of Christmas".

"Rappin' Rodney" by Rodney Dangerfield (1984) - One of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time marries his knack for self-deprecating vernacular play with the then still-emerging/spoken-poetry-over-funk-music movement. Like all the best novelties, bizarre and wonderful at the same time. (Is that Father Guido Sarducci we see there?)

Who else (what else) do ya miss from the old Blimp days? Hit us up...



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