Have you heard of the newly discovered comet that’s visible to us through July? It’s called NEOWISE or “Neo” for short. The name comes from the NEOWISE satellite that discovered it.  It's a rare comet from way deep in our solar system. Our friends up high at the Mt Washington Observatory caught this amazing photo of the comet this week and we had to share it with you The top of Mt Washington (6288 feet high) is famously known as  "Home of the World's Worst Weather."  We have two of our radio towers up there (WHOM and The Peak) so we know a thing or two about heading up there in a snowcat in the middle of the winter, and it's not pretty. However, in the summer, on a calm day, it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

The Mt Washington Observatory folks take some amazing photos up there. If you are looking to photograph NEOWISE, we have some tips for you here:


Great photo Mt Washinton Observatory! Don't forget their annual Seek the Peak Hike-A-Thon is coming up. This year, it's a bit different and instead of everyone hiking Mt. Washington, it's more of a virtual event. But hey,  but you can still get out there, raise some money for these great people, and seek your OWN Peak! Seek the Peak is looking to raise $200,000 and as of this article, they are just over a third of the way there.


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