Travis Mills lives in Manchester, Maine. His story of courage and positivity has inspired so many of us already, and now it will move an entire nation. Travis is a retired US Army Staff Sergeant who served Afghanistan. We refer to him as a hero but as he says in the video below put together by Easter Seals, "I'm not sure what part of it makes me a hero. I just had a normal day at work, that turned ugly."


He stepped on a bomb and lost his arms and legs. This incredible guy is the epitome of never giving up. Never giving up on yourself and never giving up on others. The others Travis is committed to never giving up on, are his fellow veterans and their families with his tireless work with Travis Mills Foundation. Maybe you were lucky enough to hear his friendly voice a few weeks back on the WBLM Morning Show with the Captain and Celeste. We are very excited to see that his incredible emotional story is now being told on Netflix.

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