Life is complicated. Mistakes are made, and so are secrets. A new survey found that 60% of people have at least one secret that they really don't want anyone finding out about, and most of them have been keeping the secret for at least 15 years! we aren't talking the location of a favorite fishing hole, these are secrets that people worry will affect their lives by changing others' opinions of them. Some things we have no control over, like a phobia or family history, but people still feel enough shame that they hide it from others.

Here are the top ten darkest secrets being kept:

  1. An affair.
  2. An embarrassing incident.
  3. Your web browser history.
  4. Debt.
  5. Sexual fetishes.
  6. Something in your family history.
  7. A phobia.
  8. Something you bought.
  9. That you smoke, or used to.
  10. Someone you're in love with.

Most of us are holding on to what we consider to be a horrible secret. Along with our own, many of us are also holding on to others' secrets too! How do you feel about secrets? Do you agree with the saying,"You are only as sick as the secrets that you keep.", or are personal secrets part of life and your own business? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #inthevault.

Zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket.


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