Uh Oh. What have I done?! Head in hands, many have regretted posting something online, THAT NEVER GOES AWAY! According to a new survey this isn't a "now and then" sort of thing, we keep doing it! The average person has posted 17 things on social media that they regret. You would think we would stop at 2 or 3, but no, 17!!! It is not shocking that alcohol is a factor in these poor decisions.

Here are the Top 15 Biggest Regrets:

  1. Unflattering Pictures
  2. Drunk Photos
  3. Immature comments
  4. Boring status updates
  5. Emotional outbursts
  6. Posts with an opinion that you don't have anymore
  7. Photos of you doing things that you should NOT be doing
  8. Pics of you in your underwear or showing too much skin
  9. Comments about your ex
  10. Bad language
  11. Controversial opinions that offended people
  12. Jokes that showed bad taste
  13. Mean comments about someone
  14. Vain selfies
  15. Pictures of food

Pictures of food and boring status updates are the least of our worries, one in three people have gotten in trouble with their boss over something they posted online!

Have you regretted posting a comment or picture? Leave a comment that you won't regret, or tweet #notakebacks

Make it a resolution to stop posting embarrassing and incriminating, damaging stuff!

I would shamelessly post a picture of my breakfast, but I already ate my strawberry Pop-Tart.


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