If you've spent any time in Vermont, you've likely run across one of the more popular retail stores in the state. It's called the Vermont Flannel Company and as you can probably imagine, they specialize in flannel everything. They currently operate six locations throughout Vermont but are about to venture outside the Green Mountain state for the first time.

Featured in the MaineBiz insider, The Vermont Flannel Company is set to open their first Maine location in Freeport. The company has leased the empty space at 47 Main Street right next to Starbucks. The building had once been home to the Clarks shoe store before their closure a couple years ago.

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The Vermont Flannel Company has made a name for themselves by promising that they produce the "softest flannel in the world". The retail store will offer their line of men's, women's and children's clothing. The Vermont Flannel Company also offers a full line of flannel blankets for those chilly New England winters. Not only that, Vermont Flannel Company offers up a "quilt in a box" kit, where ambitious creators can make their own quilt at home.

But one of their biggest hits has been their designer flannel pajama sets. As their website states, the Vermont Flannel Company pajamas can be mixed or matched and are meant to be worn all day for maximum comfort. Call it the ultimate snow day uniform.

47 Main Street in Freeport has been vacant for some time so construction and a build out is expected. There is no timetable for the grand opening of the Vermont Flannel Company in Freeport as of this writing.


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