Summer is in full swing in Maine and it's one of the busiest summers evah out there on the roads. We hope you travel safe and do keep a look out for all the amazing Maine plates out there. You see, in Maine, you can put ANYTHING on your vanity plate. And we Mainers do. Al of these are from our friend Morgan at Vanity of Maine.  Here are our picks to set that summer vibe. Happy Motoring!

Gotta start with this one while we still have our 4th of July buzz going...


We couldn't guess from



Someone in the office thought this was a dirty one until we told her that silk pie is quite the summer pie delicacy.


The vanilla and chocolate twist is really the best. Do you saw jimmies or sprinkles on top?


Again, we know this Captain Obvious. You know, because of the kayak rack.


This is what America in the summertime is all about right here. Happy Summer!




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