Everywhere you look right now, it's all about the Holidays. EXCEPT here, where we give you the best of Maine vanity plates from Morgan and gang from Vanity of Maine on Instagram. No ho-ho-ho here. No Reindeer. No peace on earth and goodwill towards all men. Here's the "best" this week of what we found on the highways and byways of Maine.

This is actually really awesome!


There's one at every traffic light.



Yes! You go Big Mama.


I am gonna guess this is a nickname.


Good to see this sentiment is still alive in New England! And so true.


Yup. The real deal right here, bub.


And last but not least, the winner of this week's bunch. And this Mainer is a combat veteran so she/or he can say whatever the heck they want. Thank you for your service!

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