Here's a list from Ranker of the worst things to get while trick or treating. Not the worst candy, the worst stuff! Some folks don't get the whole "treat" aspect of the holiday. Listen, if you plan on giving out another Halloween pencil that I'm going to have to sharpen with a pairing knife, then turn off your porch light and don't waste my time dragging my "Harley Quinn" to your door! If you are in doubt about the desirability of your chosen treat this year then go through this list of The Worst Stuff to get!

What is the worst candy that you've gotten trick or treating? What is the worst you've given out? Facebook us or tweet #yuckycandy Come enjoy the treats at our Spirit of Portland Halloween Party October 29th!


Come enjoy a night of adult fun at the Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash on October 29th, 2016 from 8pm to Midnight at the Portland Exposition Building! Dance the night away to Live Music from Motor Booty Affair and Hello Newman. The bar will be stocked with Gritty’s beer, featuring their Halloween ale, as well as some frightful cocktails. This is a 21+ event.

Mary Janes are THE grossest.