It never ceases to amaze us how incredibly powerful it is to watch another adorable baby goat video. If you're on a rough ride this week, maybe this is the attitude adjustment you didn't know you needed.

The weather looks incredible for the weekend, so how 'bout a trip to Sunflower Farm.  A little communion with these precious sweeties would surely be a remedy for what ails ya. Gotta see 'em live and in person!

Check out how athletic the bigger ones are! Gotta love their little kicks when they are airborne between bales! And of course, we could listen to those darling bleats all day.

Here's more from our friends in Cumberland:

"We have 60 new baby goat kids in the barn ranging from age 1-6 weeks, so needless to say bedtime is a wild time. Tonight I had hay bales still set up like a classroom in rows for a group of 35 K-6 students visiting from Lewiston, Maine. The goats saw the rows and bales and immediately accepted the challenge! Some of the youngest ones like GoGo's little Buzz preferred to run alongside, but the older kids lept from one to another with perfect finesse and were so fast! Just had to share their impressive skill!"


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