I've got some exciting news for my neighbors near Prides Corner in Westbrook.

Before we get into it, here's a tiny bit of background on me in my town.

My family and I have lived there since 1996. Prior to moving there, I had been very familiar with life in the "Brook" since the early 80s when my brother, Ralph and his family made their home on Constitution Drive.

It was always fun to visit Westbrook as a teenager and I'm proud to be a member of the community there now for over 20 years. One of the many things I love about where I live, is the "mom and pop" sandwich shops nearby like Severino's on Cumberland Street and Corsetti's on Bridgton Road.  Both places have been around quite a while. I've been grabbing yummy italians from Severino's since we got to town and even longer from Corsetti's.

A few years ago, Corsetti's added an ice cream shop next door called the Daily Scoop.

My buddy, Ben (who lives a couple houses away from me) just sent me a message the other day that reads "Oh my god, they turned the ice cream shop into a bar at Corsetti’s."

His 'OMG' is not an 'OMG' of disappointment. If you know Ben, you know he is wicked pumped that there will be a place to go and enjoy an adult beverage right down the road. It's always fun to try a new spot. it's even better when we don't have to go very far.

The new place is called Brookside Food and Drink. They have the outdoor seating that was previously used when it was the Daily Scoop, so patrons can stay safe.

Check out the menu.

Brookside Food and Drink looks really great. I can't wait to get over there, mask up and enjoy a cold one.

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