You might remember when our good friend Bill Brock of South Durham helped us out in the summer of 2016, as we searched the Presumpscot River for Wessie the giant snake. He very kind to give it a serious look with us live on the WBLM Morning Show. Bill is truly passionate about investigating stranger things. He formerly hosted a show on the Discovery Channel called Monsters Underground.


Now Bill Brock has teamed with author of UFOs Over Maine, Nomar Slevik to make a documentary about the stories of abductions and sightings here in the Northeast. It's titled, Abducted New England.

Watch these fascinating eyewitness accounts from right here in Maine with Alan Cassidy of the Bangor area and Kenneth Putnam of Buxton. Chilling!

From Bill and Nomar:

"With your help, The Abducted New England documentary will research and hopefully lead us to solve the questions we all have:  Do extraterrestrials exist? Why are they here? Have they abducted us and why? These are just a few questions you can help us answer."

They've set up an Indiegogo fund if you'd like to back the project.

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