One year ago today, the Westbrook Police Department posted the a report of a snake “as long as truck” with a “head the size of a soccer ball” was seen near Riverbank Park. The idea of a monster swimming in the Presumpscot had everybody in Greater Portland talking. The story soon went nationwide with headlines like "10-Foot Snake Eats Beaver and Slithers Around Where Children Play".  

From the Westbrook Police Department’s Facebook Page on June 23, 2016:

We have received a legitimate report concerning a very large snake present at the Riverbank Park. The report was the snake is as long as a truck and the head the size of a soccer ball. The snake was reportedly observed on the riverbank to the rear of the playground on both the Main St and Brown St side of the river. Obviously this is not an animal indigenous to Maine, so one would assume it was released. Perhaps some recall the viper located on a Saco pedestrian trail back in 2010. Our Animal Control Police Officer’s have checked the area with no luck in spotting the animal. Should anyone observe the snake please give us a call and do not attempt to capture it yourself. 854-0644 Ex1 for dispatch.

The absolute best part of this post was this guy’s hilarious comment right here.



Then in August of 2016, more evidence of a possible 10 foot snake on the loose in Westbrook with the discovery of a huge skin.

Westbrook PD Facebook

We even got  Maine's own Bill Brock, a Crypto-Expeditionary expert from the Discovery Channel’s Monsters Underground on the hunt.  Bill found a fella who spends a lot of time in that area. He thought he knew where 'Wessie' might've be lurking and had some snares set-up in hopes of trapping the beast. This guy is freakin’ awesome! He’ll also showed us  a ‘bigass’ hole where 'Wessie' may have been.

Here's Bill and the Captain from the WBLM Morning Show and they are pretty confident they saw Wessie!

Funny, not a peep about 'Wessie' for months and months now. Was there ever really a giant snake lurking in this Southern Maine mill town? Either way, what a great modern myth we have. Let's all celebrate the one year anniversary with a 'Wessie' beer from Mast Landing!

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