We’ve got a couple of occasions to celebrate with Kiss this weekend on WBLM. First of all, Happy Birthday to founding member Paul Stanley who turns 66 today. 

Here’s something you may not have known about Paul, he has microtia which is an under-developed outer ear. It’s his right ear that is deformed and he is also deaf in that ear. The “Starchild” of Kiss is the celebrity spokesperson for AboutFace, an organization in Canada that supports people with facial differences.

The second thing to make note of in Kisstory is a show at the Civic Center on January 21, 1983.  It was the Creatures of the Night/10th Anniversary tour and their last appearance with make-up in Portland until the return off the original line-up in 1997.

Along with Paul and Gene, this Kiss included Vinnie Vincent on guitar and Eric Carr on drums. Opening the show was Night Ranger who were new to Blimpville with their debut album, Dawn Patrol featuring Don’t Tell Me You Love Me. 

Check out this great Portland TV News segment from the night of the show! You might see someone you know in the front row!



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