25 years ago today, Bon Jovi played a sold out show at the Civic Center. This was on the Keep the Faith Tour and we are pretty sure this was the last time they came to Portland. It’s a particularly memorable show for me even though I wasn’t there.

The concert was the night before Valentines Day and my wife, Sherry went to the show with her sister, Holly. WBLM did a backstage meet n greet for winners and I managed to sneak my wife and her sister in as well. While they were back there ooo-ing and ahh-ing over Jon and Richie, Sherry decided to announce to everyone that she was pregnant! Cheers all around!


The next morning I got up and went into the bathroom to find a Valentines card on the the toilet seat(cause we're wicked classy), with a lump inside. That lump turned out to be a pregnancy test and it was positive. So that’s our little story of how Jon Bon Jovi learned that the Guru was gonna be a first-time Dad before I got the fantastic news. Precious Baby Sam arrived on September 5, 1993!

Check out the entire MTV Unplugged from 1993.

Bon Jovi finally gets into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this April in Cleveland. Longtime friend, Howard Stern will do the induction speech.  


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