We remember the great Joe Cocker on the eve of his birthday. He was born John Robert Cocker in Sheffield, England on May 20, 1944.  His raspy, soulful voice and spasmodic moves were like no other. During his 50 year career, he was best known for cover versions of songs by the Beatles, Traffic, and the Boxtops to name a few. He always made them his own and his singing would always tear your heart out. Sadly we said goodbye to Joe in December 2014, when he lost his battle with lung cancer at his home in Crawford, Colorado. He was 70. There's a great new documentary on Netflix called Mad Dog With Soul. It an intimate look at his public and private life that is equally troubling and sweet. If you love Joe. You gotta see it.

Maybe you were lucky enough to see Joe at the Ballpark in OOB around 1990? His last appearance in Portland was 14 years ago and will forever remain a very special night for his Maine fans.


Watch Joe and friends preachin’ it in a clip believed to be from the late 90s. Incredibly stirring!

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