29 years ago today, Aerosmith rocked a sold out show at the Civic Center! It was the Permanent Vacation tour still ragin’ on. That tour came to Portland in October of '87 as well. The photo above is from the Augusta show also in support of Permanent Vacation, in December ’87. That’s my wife (girlfriend at the time) Sherry and me (in the Mickey shirt) along with our Augusta peeps, Shannon Kenney (next to Sherry) and Brian Rouillard. And oh yeah, (left to right) Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Aero FREAKIN’ smith!! Just before the photo was taken, I said “Hello, nice to meet you” to Steven Tyler…he said, “Whoa, you gotta radio voice.” And I said, “whoa, you gotta screamin’ demon voice.” Thanks Steven, I bet you say that to all the DJs.

As I remember, Guns N’ Roses was scheduled to open this Portland show on August 19, 1988. As fate would have it, they became headliners that summer and a new Boston band called Extreme was added instead. Gary, Nuno and the crew are back in Portland at Aura next Friday night!

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