A couple of interesting live performances to note, along with (yet another) Beatles chart record...They were rather good, you know.

Live Beatles
That's all the equipment they needed really; Jan. 1965. (Photo: Les Lee/Express/Getty Images)

4/11/1961 (57 years ago today) - Bob Dylan plays his first live gig in New York City; he was the opening act for John Lee Hooker at the legendary Gerde's Folk City. We're assuming it was a pretty cool way to spend the night...

4/11/1964 (54 years ago today) - The Beatles set another new chart record on this date by having no less than 14 songs on the Billboard Hot 100(!!!), ranging from "Can't Buy Me Love" at No. 1 to "Love Me Do" at No. 81. Take that Beliebers...

4/11/1977 (41 years ago today) - At this time in Sydney, Australia, it was the largest crowd to ever attend a rock concert in the country's history when Alice Cooper performs for over 40,000 -- Congratulations will have to wait, though; after the show, Alice was placed under house arrest at his hotel until he could post a $59,632 bail bond! That was the amount a promoter had paid Alice for a 1975 Down Under tour that never happened -- Turns out you can file this incident under "Why don't we call it good?": the two settled the matter when it was discovered said promoter had reneged on certain terms of his end of the deal also. Show-biz, eh?

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