Lots of dangers on the road are a common occurrence across the state of Maine this time of year, especially after a particularly cruel winter. Cities, towns and municipalities statewide do their very best to repair as many potholes, jagged edges and other problems as they can, as quickly as they can, but often times are short on man power or resources. That's why one man in Maine decided to take matters into his own hands and start fixing some of the roads in his community on his own time.

Shared on Reddit by mcburke55, here's a video of the lengthy process of removing a jagged rock protruding from a road near his home. Without giving away the exact location of this extraction, it seems clear in the video that this is taking place somewhere in a more rural part of Maine.

However, after posting this on Reddit, some commenters made mention that what this individual did was actually against the law. While technically true, many people in rural spots do take matters into their own hands to save themselves and their possessions the wear and tear that jagged rocks, potholes, etc can cause on their automobiles.


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