Notable chart achievements for three of your faves...really!

McCartney's Cavern
At the Cavern Club, c 1960. (Keystone/Getty Images)

6/28/1975 (44 years ago today) - The Eagles kick off a five-week run at No. 1 with their fourth studio album "One Of These Nights" -- Truly a breakthrough release, featuring three Top 5 singles (the title track, "Take It To The Limit", and "Lyin' Eyes" which also won a Grammy) and selling over 4 million copies in the process -- In the four years that followed they clearly established themselves as America's Number One band: you do know what came next don't you?

6/28/1980 (39 years ago today) - It's on the 'short list' of live recordings that actually made it to the top: Paul McCartney's "Coming Up" goes to No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart, but did you know that the version which became the hit (recorded in concert in Glasgow, Scotland) was actually the B-side of the single, intended to be a sort of "rarity" treat for fans as it was not going to appear on any forthcoming LP (the A-side was the original studio version), but American radio DJ's preferred the live cut which definitely had more bite to it, so that's what they played! {Cue harp music fade-in here} Ah, yes, back in the day when DJ's could actually {ahem!!/cough-cough!!} "make the call", yeah, it used to happen...

6/28/1997 (22 years ago today) - Speaking of 'short lists'...: This date marked the 1,056th week of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" being on the LP chart! Do the math...

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