Happy Birthday to the keyboardist and songwriter for the J Geils Band. He co-wrote songs with front man Peter Wolf throughout their history and wrote the band’s biggest hit Centerfold from their only number one album, Freeze-Frame.  Seth Justman was born in Washington, DC on January 27, 1951. His signature organ growling through ‘Leslie’ speakers is as essential to the mighty J. Geils Band instrumental sound, as Magic Dick’s lickin’ stick. The good people of Blimpville have a special place in our hearts for one the most electrifying live bands to ever grace the stage. And in the summer of 2015 on the Maine State Pier, they proved they’ve still got it! They absolutely belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Maybe next year. Geils Band fan, Rick Armes wrote on their Facebook page,

"So you start walking over to the Hall of Fame and you get over there and you walk over to the door and you start poundin on their door and you say
"Open up the door bitch!”
This is wooba gooba with with green teeth, let me in!!!!!

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