36 years ago, Ozzy Osbourne rocked the Civic Center with the late, great Randy Rhoads. Sadly, he was gone less than a year later in that tragic plane crash. It’s very cool that Portland had a chance to see Ozzy and Randy together on August 5, 1981. They were absolutely one of the best pairings ever in the history of Rock! This was the legendary Blizzard of Oz tour and Def Leppard was the opener. Holy sh*t, I was just about to start my freshman year in high school and Ozzy's first solo album on cassette was in every boombox at the Teen Center near the rotary in Augusta.

Here’s some great footage of Ozzy with arm fringe and Randy Rhoads on that Flying V. They are performing Mr. Crowley live on a late-night TV show in 1981. We love the sinister synth intro from keyboardist, Don Airey!

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