The Maine Home and Remodeling Show is this Saturday and Sunday at the Cross Insurance Arena and I plan on spending all day Sunday exploring, experiencing and finding inspiration.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Meet the Chef Cooking Series- I have turned into somewhat of a foodie and I admit that I full-on fan girl over our talented local chefs. We get to watch them cook, pick up recipes and then taste what they've created. Yes, please. Here's a schedule of the haps.
  2. Inspiration! We need to do some landscaping and hardscaping this spring. I know zip about either. I'm anxious to walk around the Home Show, talk to the experts and get a feel for possibilities. I'll be taking lots of pictures.
  3. Artisans Marketplace- There is nothing I like more than having something handmade that everyone else doesn't have. Maine is filled with amazing artisans and this is a rare treat to shop them in one place. Local specialty foods and local art are where it's at for me.
  4. Exhibitors- Everyone will be there, it's my chance to find out if a secret room is feasible. Run your crazy ideas by the pros and maybe even find one to make your dream a reality. Backyard waterfall anybody?
  5. Seminars and Clinics- I love learning how to do things, but I haven't had the time to sign up for a class in a long time. These seminars and clinics are quick and informative and designed for you to walk away having learned something. We just bought a generator, there's a seminar for that! Here's the schedule.

The Maine Home and Remodeling Show is Saturday and Sunday at Cross Insurance Arena. I missed out last year because I broke my ankle and it was a FOMO nightmare for me. This year I'll spend all day Sunday grooving through the vendors, shopping and taking pictures.  Hope to see you there!

I found this video that is full of great ideas:

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