It's officially tournament time in Maine.

The Maine High School Basketball Tournament is upon us. That means the arenas in  Portland, Augusta and Bangor will be ready to absolutely rock with players, fans, pep bands and junk food.

When is the Maine High School Basketball Tournament?

Early rounds of the tournament are already underway. Many of the early games are played at the higher seed site, with the later rounds being played at the Cross Insurance Arena and the Expo in Portland, the Augusta Civic Center, and the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

The championship game schedule looks like this

Class A & AA: Cross Insurance Arena, Portland - March 5
Class B: Cross Center, Bangor - March 4
Class C & D: Augusta Civic Center, Augusta - March 5

Will the Maine High School Basketball Tournament Be Televised?

A good portion of this year's tournament will have television coverage. This is a nice option for those who can't make it to the games.

The Maine Public Maine High School Basketball Facebook page posted where the early rounds of the tournament can be streamed.

While Maine Public Broadcasting doesn't offer streaming until the state finals, they do list some of the options for fans. Be aware, there will be a fee to watch the quarterfinals and semifinals.

Will The Maine Basketball Finals Be Free To Watch?

For those not looking to pay, Maine Public TV does have you covered for the state final games.

The majority of the games can be seen on the Maine Public Broadcasting channel, with some on their World Channel. You can reference this page to see if you have them.

For those without access to these channels, every championship game will also be streamed on Maine Public's website.

It's wonderful to have so many options to watch one of Maine's premier events, especially with many obstacles keeping people from making it to the games.

Best of luck to all those competing in this year's tournament.

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