It really is absolutely mind-blowing how dubbahs from Maine make due with what's around the yahd to "repair" their rusty rigs.

This photo posted to the Maine As F*ck Facebook page is one of the most inventive uses of a couple kiddie pools we've ever seen. It was submitted to MAF by Carmen Joy. if you're not following the MAF page yet, you definitely should! Always wicked good stuff just for us!

Yessuh, gotta replace that fendah ya know. Do you s'pose this'll get a stickah now?

Now, we also got this photo sent to us by lifelong Blimpster David Aubin (you know, just like how we pronounce Auburn...hee, hee).

I guess this comical driver just wanted to make a public service announcement to remind what we are. Check out this funny Maine plate. Happy Twofuh Tuesdee!

If you ever see anything out theah that is wicked friggin' Mainah, Send it!

If something funny shows up in our Facebook inbox, it might just make it's way here onto the website, bub.

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