Well, this is kinda cool looking! The awesome people at the Mt Washington Observatory caught this picture over the weekend. Something about "stacked lenticular clouds." We think it looks like a giant UFO!


And if you think the UFO cloud is cool, wait until you check out this Fogbow. I guess it's a thing!


Thanks to all the cool posts from the Observatory. We have two of our radio towers on top of the mountain (WHOM and WPKQ), so these guys and gals are near and dear to us. Help them out if you can!




Founded in 1932, the Observatory operates the famous weather station on the summit of Mount Washington, taking hourly weather observations and maintaining one of North America's longest continuous climate records.

The Observatory has also emerged as a world resource for weather and climate education, operating classroom and distance learning programs, educational trips to its mountaintop weather station, and two unique museums: The Weather Discovery Center in North Conway, NH, and the Mount Washington Museum on the summit of Mount Washington.

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