I will admit that these sweaters need a little bit more "ridiculous" before they are entirely ready for our Ugly Sweater Party on December 5 at Ocean gateway in Portland! I plan on breaking out my hot glue gun and L.E.D. lights to add a  bit more "interest" to them. I found these at Christmas Tree Shops in South Portland. I seem to attract help when I'm shopping. The nicest man stepped in as I was looking at these sweaters and trying to decide between them. I believe his intention was actually a fashion intervention before I explained what they were for.

Thanks moustachioed dude!

And hey, I'm still trying to hunt down something appropriately homely for Captain! If you have an ugly sweater donation for us, then please leave us the details on our Fan Page, or tweet #uglysweaterforcappy

An ugly holiday vest from the 80's would work too!


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