Winslow Police Department via Facebook

Thanks to everyone who shared this alert earlier today. Winslow Police have reported that she has been found safe.

From The Winslow Police Department Facebook Page:


Earlier today...

Winslow Police are looking for our help in locating a missing 12-year-old girl.

According to a post this morning on the department's official Facebook page, her name is Layla Cole and she hasn't been seen since last night (March 9).

The message from Winslow Police also says that Layla is 5' 5" with brown hair and brown eyes.

This is every parent's worst fear. When we hear about. We immediately take action to get the word out to as large an audience as possible.

Please share this story on your social media so that we can help police get Layla safely back home with her family as soon as possible.


From The Winslow Police Department Facebook Page:

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