After a few pops you can just throw that Tofurkey out the window, because vegetarian pal will fall off the meat-free wagon! Recently, a website surveyed over 1,700 vegetarians and found out that when they get tipsy they go full-on carnivore!

  • 37% admit that they eat meat when they are drunk
  • 69% don't cop to it to anyone!
  • 34% of vegetarians  admit to breaking down every time they go out drinking! Late night pepperoni pizza at Bill's perhaps?...
  • The most popular slip items are: burgers, bacon, fried chicken, sausages and kebabs

Do you have a vegetarian friend who comes to the dark side after a few tall boys? Does it annoy you, or do you refrain from judging? Do you remind them the next time they judge YOU for eating meat? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #nolatenightsalad

I just couldn't even pretend to be vegetarian. Bacon. Bacon...