While the rest of the world enjoys the warm and sophisticated voices of the Three Tenors during the holidays, up heah in Maine we prefer our Christmas classics sung to us by the Four Dubs.

Featuring 'truly adolescent take-offs' from Maine's legendary Wicked Good Band, you gotta see the 1980's fake commercial for 'Havin' a Dubby Christmas'.


You'll get merry melodic season's greetings from the Pine Tree State like:

  • Santa's Got a Skidder This Year
  • The Little Dubber Boy
  • Lookin for My Winter Underwear'
  • Frost Heaves the Road Man
  • Randolph's a Town in Maine, Dear

I'll tell ya what we sure did love listening to Wicked Good Band records growin' up. In fact, some friends and I performed their song She's So Massive at Cony in Augusta right around 1985. We were all dressed up in yellow rain slickahs singing and dancing in the country's longest running high school variety show, Chizzle Wizzle. I can't believe we passed the audition. Glad we did though...made a lot of people laugh that week! T'ain't nuthin' finah than some good ol' Maine humah.

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